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Using hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Brad will help you begin to live the smoke-free life you’ve always wanted. By training your brain no longer desire a cigarette, we can help you break the habit for the last time. Whether you are a social smoker or smoke multiple packs a day, we have the treatment plan to help you. 

How will hypnotherapy help?

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Your daily thoughts and behaviours are oftentimes the biggest reasons that prevent you from breaking your habits and addictions. The key is to break these negative thinking and behavioural patterns. This includes changing routines and perspectives. It sounds simple enough, but is often the most difficult thing you will ever do. Hypnotherapy focuses on aiding that change, helping it come about more smoothly and easily than you would find on your own. It is important to remember that while hypnotherapy treatments significantly aid the process, it will not be nearly as effective if you have not chosen to quit for yourself. 
If someone else is forcing you to get treatment, or if you only want to quit half-heartedly, then the treatment will not be as effective and the results will not be as permanent. With Brad's unique stop smoking session, generally just the one session is all that is required to have the smoker go home a non smoker. If the person feels anything less than 100% happy with the result, Brad asks that the person call within twenty-four hours and he guarantees to book another session at no cost. 
"Thank you for the new start. I feel good, no withdrawal at all. I've had bad withdrawal when I've given up before, sweating etc but got nothing at all with your treatment. And no urge to go and get anything. So again thanks for my life back again. I can only get better. I have a good friend, I have given him your number to try and get off pot too. I'll have a few people to come and see you. I’ve put a poster up in the clinic I go to with your number on it so they can ring you for getting off pot. So I’ll say there will be a bit of business coming your way for we all have tried to give up cold turkey. I make it for a few days and mind gets the best of you and- bust. Well brad, just wanted to say thanks for letting me see life in a better way than drugs, plus to make me more of a productive person in public and a better person in general and owe it all to you brad. Thank you again." -Anonymous

Brad is a second generation clinical hypnotherapist

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Stop smoking now
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