Behavioural & anxiety treatment in Newcastle & the Central Coast

Children’s behavioural issues

If you are looking for a professional to help you address behavioural issues in your child or children, then give The Thought Changer Hypnosis a call today. 
We have found that the main reason children have behavioural problems is their inability to express themselves properly. 
They do not know how to express stress, anger, or frustration. They tend to deal with those emotions the only way they know how – by acting out.
By using the Portage program, Brad can help children learn how to properly express themselves and create strategies that they can use to help improve the rest of their lives.

Diploma of Health Counseling

Anxiety & Stress

We experience stress and anxiety at every stage of our lives, throughout our entire lives. If we do not know how to manage these feelings properly they will cause damage to not only our mental and emotional states, but also to our physical health. 

A range of EFT and NLP techniques are utilized during these stress and anxiety management sessions, along with hypnotherapy and life coaching techniques. Using all of these techniques together will give you the best possible resources for properly managing your stress and anxiety throughout your entire life. 

With the main aim of these sessions revolving around creating a happier and calmer environment for you, individuals of all ages can benefit from organising an appointment with Brad.
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